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Flashcolor- shows hidden messages by use of smartphone

Brand new: Flashcolor!

This special effect colour brings new opportunities in your next promotion!

By use of smartphone with flashlight you can reveal hidden messages, logos, images and much more.

The color appears only by flashlight of your camera and show immediatly the surprising effect.

This brand new stuff is ideal for mailings, PoS actions, guerilla marketing and much more.

We can print the Flashcolor on every card, poster or whatever you want.


normal card                                                                  photo by use of smartphone camera with flashlight

Flashtattoo, Metallictattoo

The stylish Metallictattoo comes in 3 different colours: gold, silver and rose!

Other colours available on request.

Our Flashtattoo/Metallictattoos are "made in germany" and certified according to european cosmetic law.

We do offer our tattoos for promotional use as well as for selling in shops. Please ask us for possibilities.


new mirror foil and card - like a real mirror

We developed a new mirror foil for promotion and packaging!

The new material looks like a real mirror with fantastic possibilities.

Suitable for special promotions, packaging effects or displays at PoS.

this fantastic mirror effects are now available in every size for your unique promotion!


tick remover card

New! Starting june 2015 we offer the tick remover card SAFECARD.

Customizing on one side in full color print possible- available with or without 

magnifying function.

OpenMonitor- time indicator for promotional use

We bring you the 4th dimension of promotion and advertising: TIME

OpenMonitor is a flat label which releases in a certain time period a message,logo or code.

Ideal for winning games and promotion actions.


UV-test card starts with 100 pcs

Beginning with summer season 2105 we offer our Uv-test card starting with 100 pcs only.

The uv-card shows current uv-rays and give instructions for safety sun bathing.

The uv-tester can be designed completly individual.

cosmetic tester for skin- and hair analysis

Our tester for skin- and hair analyses are very useful for manufacturer

of cosmetic products, beauty studios or direct sales.

Those indicators are powerful instruments for direct marketing and very easy to use.


energy saving thermometer doorhanger

New item in our range of energy saving thermometers:

the doorhanger as energy saving thermometers keeps your room temperature under control

tick remover NYMPHIA

july 2014

Aleide takes care of sale for the successfull and certified tick remover NYMPHIA